EXPO 2005

Australian Pavilion - Aichi, Japan.

 2005 Australian Pavilion at dusk - closing day.

2005 Australian Pavilion at dusk - closing day.

 Kids at play in Act 3. A pavilion has to engage guests of all ages. 

Kids at play in Act 3. A pavilion has to engage guests of all ages. 


If you saw it, we designed it

Everything from the brand, to the facade, show, technical approach,even the mascot was handled by us .



Multiplane Peppers Ghost Show



Immersive walkthrough media experience



Tactile exhibit designed for social engagement.

Foremost in our mind was to tell a story that explored Expo 2005's theme – 'Nature’s Wisdom' – and excited every visitor about modern Australia.

While allowing for the facilitation of six trade missions, consisting of over 150 targeted events, DFAT also requested an experience that catered for a minimum of three million people over the course of the world fair.

The team to designed a pavilion that was split into two distinct areas. On the ground floor was a popular experience for mainstream visitors and on the first floor was a fully functioning space including offices, a function area and corporate kitchen, which accommodated the numerous trade missions.


An experience in three acts

In exploring the theme ‘nature’s wisdom’ we focused on a core thread ‘the lessons of the past applied to the present will create a sustainable future’. This was illustrated across three exhibition spaces.

Nature’s Wisdom

A ’Pepper’s Ghost’ theatre, which was an Indigenous story about the creation of our land.


The Art of Life

An immersive high-definition audio-visual experience in which a ‘data-forest’ represented modern Australia.



A tactile scenic environment where a giant platypus created constant media opportunities. This was social media engagement before there was Social Media.


Video of the pavilion

A different time and a different logo! Check out the pavilion from concept to execution.