EXPO 2010

Australian Pavilion - Shanghai, China.

 View from the back of the pavilion - it's iconic shape is a play on both the outback landscapes as well as city blocks. 

View from the back of the pavilion - it's iconic shape is a play on both the outback landscapes as well as city blocks. 

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Five Major Exhibits were produced for this experience.



Each Exhibit was a unique journey through the Australian Experience.



Blending of scenic and cutting edge media technologies created an unforgettable and very popular expo exerience. 



Bespoke Media Experience for 1000 people every 15 minutes, every day of the Expo - in total 8.2m guests experienced this show.



Always moving we specialise in the creation of engaging media experiences that capture the imagination of the audience and media alike.



A beautiful exhibit that engaged through sheer beauty.


Think OTS produced, designed, built and installed the Australian pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo for the Australian Government.

Visitors to the Australian pavilion experienced Australia by moving through three captivating acts – ‘Journey’, ‘Discover’ and ‘Enjoy’, which were created to exemplify expo’s theme – ‘Better Cities, Better Life’.


Act One’s five exhibits entitled ‘Bedrock’, ‘Nation’, ‘Land’, ‘Sisters’ and ‘People’ showcased multicultural Australia and its history. Check out these exhibits in detail in the exhibits page of the site. 


Visitors were immersed in Indigenous Aboriginal history and history since European settlement as they journeyed through quirky images beyond the familiar and stereotypical.



A spectacular audio-visual show utilising purpose-built technology into a world first show that dazzled over 8.3m guests over the duration of Expo 2010.



The presentation was in a cutting-edge theatre-in-the-round accommodating up to 1,000 visitors per show, who discovered Australia’s dynamic and modern cities – ranked as some of the world’s most liveable – and our innovative solutions that lead the way in maintaining the health of our urban future.



Visitors entering this three-storey atrium were greeted with a series of eight exquisite, 10-metre-tall light-filled sculptures suspended from the ceiling. Each one was brimming with hundreds of hand-made native flowers representing Australia’s states and territories.

The area was also where the pavilion’s resident performance group showcased the diversity of Australia’s world-class arts and culture.


Pavilion Video

Experience in 4mins what took us nearly 4 years to create.