EXPO 2012

Australian Pavilion - Yeosu, South Korea.



Expo Media Experience as Art.



Exploration of the vast coastline that circles Australia.



Guests surround the show.



Designed for social engagement and guest participation.

The brief for this project was a little different in that the time frame to deliver the Australian pavilion for a C Grade World Fair was under 6 months. Our experience meant that we didn’t just meet the deadline (with room to spare) but delivered a unique experience that won both the BIE award (Australia’s second) and an EXHIBITOR award.

The standout exhibit from the project was our show “OCEAN”. Using projection mapping, we created a multi-media experience that owed as much to art as it did to the traditional expo audio-visual. 

One of the most beautiful exhibits that we have ever created, second only to the Act Three exhibit in our 2010 pavilion. It started with the stunning and bold design of the screen as a representation of a dynamic ocean surface. This artwork informed every aspect of the production that would be used to realise this stunning and arresting idea. 

The media for the show was captured using a mix of techniques including Motion Controlled Astral Time-lapse. We travelled to the four furthest points of the Australian Continent to film locations in a way that had never been shown to an audience before.   

As with all of our projects, we produced this show completely in-house, from the concept, design and production to the creation of the screen structure built in our workshop in Melbourne. 

The screen sculpture was designed by Alastair Fleming and realised by acclaimed artist Matthew Harding.