Coober Pedy Big Winch


The Brief

The Carter Family had a vision for the outback town of Coober Pedy.

Create a world class attraction that celebrates the vast beauty of the surrounding lands. A show that takes the guests on a journey through the history of the land and what it takes to create a community out there.
Australia’s first genuine circle vison show.

A seamless 360 screen that wraps about the audience and immerses them in the stunning beauty of the area.

Integrated Production

This was only possible through our integrated production capabilities using the cutting edge capture and post production techniques.

Using VR, the latest in drones and 360 capture technology we ventured out with a small crew on the hottest recorded summer on record and captured a starkly beautiful show that takes guests on a journey.

We took this approach into the playback of the show; low- maintenance laser projectors and bullet proof tech that we can monitor from 3000kms away.

Full Service

We create everything from the idea through to the installation and we do it within the budget. This full service approach to design build allows us to better deploy a client’s budget to create a better show.

But that’s what we do best… design, create, value add and deliver. It’s evident in the work throughout our portfolio and in the satisfaction of our customers.

We don’t just do $ 30 million World Expos – we also do the smaller work, we add the ThinkOTS style to create something ambitious and worthy of our clients trust.

The Big Winch at Coober Pedy is a permanent attraction, designed to stand the test of time.

360 Degree

Circle-vison experience

Central Australia

Major tourist attraction

9m Diameter

Using 9 projectors

On Location

Filmed across Australian outback


+ Research and narrative design
+ 360 degree video design
+ Music composition
+ All video & photography


+ Graphic design
+ Circle vision edit
+ VR video proof
+ All project installation