Every project is unique.

Every exhibition, museum, park or expo installation is informed by the research which, in-turn, becomes the final installation.

Narrative Design, taking curatorial information and turning that into engaging stories is at the heart of what we do. We research, craft and workshop the best way to reach the intended audience. Working across all disciplines, design, art, technology, we explore every idea that is relevant then hone those concepts into the approaches that meet the curatorial intent and project budget.

ThinkOTS’ capacity for research and our curatorial skill is often swamped by the myriad of the other services that we deliver when creating projects, especially on the larger scoped work. But it starts with the intent, then we research and work with the curatorial team to develop the approach and then we never lose sight of that work as we produce the project.

This at the core of every project that we create, and it touches every aspect of the delivered project from typography to exhibit; from music to moving image; from signage to augmented and virtual reality.

ThinkOTS is unique in this way as we take a polythematic approach to all our work, we don’t have the one approach or “house-style”, we are genuinely “jacks of all trades” and this allows us to live the company brand, to  “think outside the square” to deliver the best value for the project. No matter what it is, no matter where it is, we design it, make it and install it and no two of our projects can be mistaken for the other.

Thinking up the Big Idea

Telling your Story

Merging Art with Cutting Edge Technologies

Creating the WOW factor