Working across all disciplines, design, art, technology, we explore every idea that is relevant then hone those concepts into the approaches that meet the curatorial intent and project budget.

Concept Development

Design strategy and conceptual interpretation vital to initiate the creative direction.

Strategy – Ideas & opportunity

Research – Expert Consultancy

User Experience

Strategic Planning

Concept Planning

Narrative Design

Intellectual Property

Budget Design

Team Selection & suitability review

Design Development

Creative vision is maintained throughout the process.

Concept Development + Refinement

Schematic Design

Media Design & Storyboards

Technical Design

Lighting Design

Audio Design

Interactive Technologies

Interior Design

Graphic Design, Brand & Signage

Immersive Technology

Audience Modelling

Project Production & Delivery

Project implementation is maintained in the delivery of all elements.

Show Production

Media Production

Graphic Production

Installation Supervision

Implementation & Production Supervision

IP Management

Show Programming  & Installation

Budget Management

Quality Design  Control & Delivery

Team Operations & Training