Department Investment & Finance Centre


The canvas for the show was DIFC’s landmark “GATE” building, a 35-story structure that has become the iconic epicentre of the UAE’s financial transformation.

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dubai Investment and Finance Centre (DIFC).

The World Trade Forum was the audience, over three thousand of the world’s and the UAE’s most powerful people.

The show was designed to celebrate the rich financial history of Dubai and the UAE through lush visual metaphors and engaging animation. 

Taking a fully 3D animated approach to this show meant that we could perfectly map the content to even the smallest detail to the building’s façade.

35 stories high

Mapped to GATE building


Generated huge media interest

3D animation

Projection mapped

Closing ceremony

World economic forum


+ Concept and technical design
+ 3D mapping
+ Video shoots
+ Digital design and animation
+ Onsite projection 

Working with our storyboard artist we worked hard to move the show from a “corporate” presentation to create something beautiful and engaging.

Little things like hand painting key art and never letting a single image just sit on the screen, every frame was honed to be artful, adding in meaning and texture to create something unique.