USA Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai


Guests journeyed throughout the pavilion on a moving walkway through several major exhibits.

Expo’s theme of Connecting Minds Creating the Future was celebrated in one the USA’s most elaborate, technically sophisticated and stunning pavilions in decades. This was the first US Pavilion that came under the direct control of the US State Department so the pressure was on to deliver a truly worthy world expo participation.   

Working with THINKWELL GROUP, ThinkOTS led the project via creative direction, design, executive production, media design and client liaison.

This was a challenging project that was delivered throughout the pandemic as a turnkey pavilion and the award winning results speak for themselves.

Our strength is understanding the complexities of delivering bespoke experiences for unique projects.

Turnkey means turnkey. We look after all aspects of the project delivery from the idea all the way through to the operations of the exhibition.

We create one of a kind experiences for every project. Experiences that have to be seen to be believed and that always leave a memorable impression.

For the USA Pavilion, ThinkOTS provided the creative leadership and execution know how to deliver the project in the midst of the global pandemic for Expo 2020.

ThinkOTS’ experience in dealing with multiple stakeholders always plays a major part in the smoothest possible delivery of any project. We understand the nuances and difficulties that these complex projects pose and work to engage all parties to ensure the best outcome.