World Expo 2020 Bid – Dubai UAE

The brief was simple enough; this was Dubai EXPO 2020’s last chance to impress the BIE voting body before the November vote in Paris as to whom would host the next World Expo in 2020.


We created a stunning show that would play for the three days of meetings taking place in Dubai. This project was able to draw on our deep knowledge not just of World Expo’s but also of the BIE and it’s voting members.

A tight budget and tighter time frame pushed us to utilize cutting edge solutions, like a circle-vision rig that could be handled by one cameraman and outsourcing animation to several countries at the same time to make the deadline. From the first meeting with our partner, Pipers from the UK, we made it clear that we needed to create a show that would be at home at an World Expo; the end result met and exceeded all expectations.
Dubai won the right to host 2020 World Expo.

360 degree

Projection surface area


Designed and execution

3 days

Continuous showtime

15 Pavilions

At World Expo Dubai 2020


+ Concept and technical design
+ Promotional narrative
+ Media design and production
+ Onsite installation and crewing