Discovery Theatre (Main Show)


TOP 5 Pavilion at Expo 2010

The presentation was in a cutting-edge theatre-in-the-round accommodating up to 1,000 visitors per show, who discovered Australia’s dynamic and modern cities – ranked as some of the world’s most liveable – and our innovative solutions that lead the way in maintaining the health of our urban future.

DISCOVER unfolded on 6 double-sided screens that were constantly on the move – both around the main stage as well as moving up and down. The projected images were mapped, in real-time with pixel accuracy to these moving screens creating a dynamic and unique canvas that was always moving and revealing something new.

1000 Audience

Show running every 15 minutes

4500 sqm

Exhibition space

$55 million

Budget AUD

52,000 guests

Peakday visitation


+ Theatrical design
+ Narrative and Storyboard design
+ Technical & Projection design
+ Lighting and Audio design


+ Media shoot & production
+ Scenic design and construction
+ Project installation
+ Programming and training

A world first that was regarded as the media event to see at Expo 2010, the show was different for each member of the 8million plus audience that took the time to line up and check it out.

It was all about treating our audience as individuals, not as a collective. We were then able to surprise them and take them on a journey that involved them.

As the screens moved, they revealed a secret world that was appeared on the centre stage. That stage executed a full set change four times throughout the presentation and all of it was supported with a stunning ceiling feature made up of 800 video tubes that created the finishing touch to this world class production.

DISCOVER at a glance:

• 8 mins of full 3D CGI animation produced in-house
• A location shoot that covered all of Australia over a 20 week shoot
• Bespoke sound track featuring the MSO and the Australian Children’s Choir
• A thousand person capacity theatre
• The 9 and half minute show ran every fifteen minutes
• It engaged over 8 million guests during the six months of Expo
• Peak day it accommodated 52,000 guests!
• The screens weighed over 30 tons
• Three of the screens where double sided with LED
• Total budget was around $12 m
• Media Budget came in at $ 2 m
• Delivered on budget to DFAT as part of our overall “turn-key” contract