Dubai World Expo 2020

Trade builds nations. it is the cornerstone of modern societies across the planet and helps facilitate peaceful development between nations.


In keeping with the workshops, and the client brief, we aim to create a pavilion that disrupts the audience’s expectations via a central ‘wow factor’ that our guests are compelled to share, recommend and rave about for years to come.
Our philosophy towards pavilion design is based on taking our visitors on a narrative journey told in three acts.


This carries guests from Dubai’s past to its present along the route of Dubai Creek, using abstracted artistic and environmental displays to bring to life key moments and ideas from the evolution of the creek, the city and the nation.
This is a journey that our guests take on foot, winding their way through the exhibit presented in 4 Chapters:

1. Beginnings (1800s)
2. A Centre for Trade (1900-1950)
3. Making Way for Growth (1950-1960)
4. Ports of Potential (1970-Today)

This is a beautiful exhibit that isn’t literal; it engages the audience as they queue to experience the main attraction of the pavilion.


Every Pavilion should be designed and built around a big idea – the drawcard that makes people want to queue hours outside your pavilion to experience. For DP WORLD we took inspiration from the ship to shore cargo cranes that enable the movement of containers at every port in the world. The idea was to move our audience up and into the main show; a completely spherical 360º experience. The first of it’s kind ever created, immerse the audience in DP WORLD, a story that takes place inside a sphere.

As part of any proposal we don’t just throw an idea at a client, we have the technical expertise to understand how to create it. Hosted by two state-of-the-art robotic actors, we show the benefit of trade enablement to grow economies, to educate people and to create a sustainable future, for everyone.


Visitors explore the future, the power of enablement, future technology that DP World has invested heavily in and how it will change the way we trade.

A large, airy space opens out from the tunnel, and as guests step out they are immediately struck by the sight of an enormous, kinetic mural wall that covers the far side of the space. Behind the mural wall, a large-scale lift and escalators carry exiting guests up to the exterior ground level and allow new visitors to descend to explore this interactive space without queuing for the pavilion experience.


This connection through trade ties the world together and DP World drives that trade through its 77 ports located worldwide.
We explore this theme in three acts that our guests journey through:

 Sustainability – creating a future, exploring the business and finding where we ‘fit’ in.

Guests were to be loaded into pods that would then travel up and through the worlds biggest spherical screen experience.

3500 sqm

World Expo site


People per day

16.8 million

People throughput

$300 million

AED budget


+ Architectural concept with Woods Bagot Dubai
+ Interior creative concept with Thinkwell USA
+ Rides system/show design
+ Spherical 360º experience
+ Technical feasibility