Pavillion Program Expo 2020 Dubai


The organising committee for Expo 2020, Dubai awarded ThinkOTS the contract to deliver 15 pavilions as of the Assisted Pavilion program.

A World Expo first.
Expo 2020 undertook to have as many nations as possible represented at their world fair and to do so created the Assisted Pavilion Program. This program allowed countries the ability to participate as a standalone pavilion for the first time in the history of the event.

ThinkOTS designed, managed and facilitated the narratives, production and installation of 15 pavilions working hand in hand with the nations to tell their story on the world stage with a production team based across the globe to best serve the project.

Burundi • Timor-Leste • Kosovo • Gambia • Senegal • Marshall Islands • Nauru • Equatorial Guinea • Congo Republic • Bolivia • Liberia • Libya • Lebanon • Guinea Bissau • Maldives