Dubai World Expo 2020

Think OTS was invited as part of a closed design pitch to create a pavilion  concept for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The design needed to invoke the ultimate “Disney like” experience for guests visiting their pavilion at Expo 2020.

The “Disney like” experience.

Core to our concept was that we wanted to literally transport the audience on a journey through the story – a completely immersive experience that would have been a stand-out pavilion that celebrated Expo 2020 themes and ideals.

In order to meet this goal, we started with contradicting the visitors expectations. The  pavilion is not just an architectural wonder, an exhibit or a theme park ride; nor is it a museum or trade show – it has elements of all those things and more, but at its heart a successful pavilion is a sincere marketing exercise in communicating and interpreting the essence of KSA and its technology led global future.

4 Story

Interactive ride experience


Ride capacity per day

$250 million

Estimated budget USD

4 million

Visitors over 6 months


+ Architectural concept design
+ Interior creative concept
+ Rides system/show design
+ Technical feasibility
+ In country pitch to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

THE KSA pavilion had a simple aim that was so profound that, at first glance, it seemed impossible:

To redefine the Kingdom in the eyes of the world using the Saudi Vision 2030 as a starting point.

Act One, Opportunity.

This was explored both through the outreach programs of KSA on the world stage as well as the Opportunities being created for its citizens to share in all that KSA can offer.

Act Two, Mobility.

The audience travelled through a show that starts 1000’s of years in the past and transports them a 100’s of years into the future to experience the bright future of the Kingdom.

From the stunning projection mapped first act, a full 360º circle vision experience to the state-of-the art ride vehicles that carry guests through life size animatronic scenes that follows a Saudi family’s life in KSA over three generations.

Mobility was at the heart of the experience as it used a state-of-the-art trackless ride system that transported guests into the future of KSA.
This system would have been powered through 100% sustainable energy generated and stored at the pavilion, a physical demonstration of MOBILITY.

Act Three, Sustainability.
The social evolution of the KSA is about creating a sustainable society and economy for its people. Evolving a more transparent governance, a wider world view and more diverse economic interests with a strong focus on a knowledge and technology based economy. This has far reaching benefits not just for the region, but for the world.