Sovereign Hill Ballarat

The Secret Chamber tells the story of a family and two brothers that travel half the world to find fortune in Australia during the 1800’s gold rush, with only one of them would returning home.

Underground Projection Mapped Experience.

Emotion is the greatest tool in the creative toolbox. The look of the show was inspired by Chinese art of the era, we created traditional art and worked it up into the 3D environment, animating the characters to look as if the paintings had come to life.

The show was designed to be mapped into rock environment to create an experience that filled the chamber with our story. The end result is an arresting and moving account of the cost and rewards of the harsh life on the gold fields of Ballarat in the 1850’s told in an utterly unique manner.

10 min show

Fully animated in 3D space

5 languages

Main audience Chinese visitors


Projection mapped experience

3D animation

Mix of traditional & 3D animation


+ Concept and technical design
+ Historical research
+ Storyboard design and script
+ Original illustrative images


+ Set design with 3D Mapping
+ Projection design
+ Media design and production
+ Project installation

Projection mapped experience that is pixel perfect to the underground chamber

• 10 minute show fully animated in a 3D space

• Created using a laser scanned CGI model

• Mix of traditional and 3D animation

Final show played back via 5 HD laser projectors to create one canvas

• Highly emotive original music score

• 5 languages -main audience is Chinese visitors

• On demand museum experience, high rotation show