Sovereign Hill Ballarat

For BRIGHT VISIONS we were tasked to create a ‘high visual’ experience that would be at home in a museum.

Where they came from, how they got here, what they encountered and the outcomes.

We needed to engage the audience at a surface level for visitors that didn’t have a lot of time, but would also reward visitors that wanted to stay and dig deeper into the story. Bright Visions covered the immigrants journey to Melbourne in the time of Gold Rush 1852 – 1855.

Using research by Clare Wright, Bright Visions, A Voyage to Discovery, the celebrated Australian historian specialising in Eureka, we tracked the journeys of 8 immigrants to the Gold Rush.

440 sqm

Exhibition space


Visitors annually


AUD Budget

5 Level

Multi layered space


+ Historical photo acquisition
+ Exhibition 3D design
+ Storyboard design
+ Writing all script content
+ Print & video & audio


+ Media design and production
+ Custom Soundtrack
+ Graphic design and installation
+ Hand painted mural wall art
+ Project mapping & installation

Projection Mapping

We’ve been working with projection mapping for over two decades and strive to create screen experiences in all our work.

We created a series of projection mapped displays that were integrated into the exhibition scenic for a seamless blending of media and physical exhibits.

The idea for “TRUNKS” was to visualize everything that different travellers coming to find their fortune on the Australian goldfields in the 1850’s, brought with them. Lives that have been packed into a trunk for a one-way trip to the other side of the world.

The pile of trunks come alive with projected imagery that is perfectly mapped into the large physical display.  We start with sophisticated 3D visualisation that becomes a template for all aspects of the media production.

We worked closely with Sovereign Hill historians and stakeholders to ensure the accuracy of the exhibition narrative and artifacts.

We designed our stories visually, layering historic art, scenic design, graphics and media to create the experience.

With a sharp eye for detail we designed massive prints that wrap around the audience, historic etchings and scenic paintings with a visually compelling narrative.